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Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Program

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Has your company considered becoming accredited by the Natural Stone Institute? Join us for a multi-part series as we discuss the Accreditation Program.  Learn how your company can become accredited and how other companies have used this designation to drive sales.  Sessions are as follows:

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Courses in Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Program
  • PR250: Natural Stone Institute Program- Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Program Overview

    This session will include a holistic overview of the Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Program.  Review the history of this program and discuss how the program has improved industry standards.  Hear from Accredited companies who have already received their designation and learn how they utilized the program to improve their companies.

  • PR251: Natural Stone Institute Program- 5 Steps to Natural Stone Institute Accreditation

    This session will include an in-depth discussion about each step of the accreditation process.  Learn how to prepare, gather and complete each of the steps to earn accreditation.  Review what evaluators are looking for as you proceed through the OSHA Voluntary Visit, document review stage, and site visit. 

  • PR252: Natural Stone Institute- Preparing for the Accreditation Exam

    One of the most intimidating parts of the Accreditation process is the comprehensive exam.  Learn tips and tricks from people who have taken the exam in the past.  Discuss how the test was compiled and learn what resources are available as you prepare to take the test.