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2021 Coverings Conference

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  • Managing a Family Business

    What makes a family business successful? Learn from a panel of three stone professionals as they share their experiences and explore best practices for handling the unique dynamics and challenges that come with managing a family business.

  • Fabricator Forum Breakout Session

    In this recorded session, a panel of fabricators shares insight on the challenges and innovations facing the fabrication market, with a focus on technical, business administration, and marketing.

  • State of the Stone Industry

    What is the current state of the natural stone industry?  Learn first-hand how industry leaders and peers are addressing matters ranging from government regulation, competing product challenges, and forecasting market growth. 

  • Hard Surface Industry Town Hall

    This session explores the challenges and opportunities that currently exist in the hard surface industry. Prior to COVID-19, industry leaders had identified several key objectives that needed to be addressed in order to continue to grow and develop the market for hard surface products, including tile, natural stone, and wood flooring.  Examples include addressing marketing campaigns from competitive products, a lack of trained and qualified labor market, and recruitment pathways to bring more people into the industry. COVID-19 created new challenges for our industry, but many of the issues facing us before the pandemic remain. 

  • Designer Talk: Don’t Fake it When You Make It- Reasons to Choose Natural Products

    Materials like natural stone, real wood, and tile have a certain allure, but they also face misconceptions related to maintenance and sustainability. Join us as we celebrate the benefits of choosing natural materials and dispel the myths surrounding natural building products that will re-energize your project’s connection to nature.