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Courses in Fabricator and Installer Tooling and Facility Flow Bundle
  • B110: Building Your Fabrication Production Process: Creating Measurements that Ensure Efficiency and Growth

    Do you know your company’s production process?  This course will discuss how to itemize your production process and delineating measurements that produce an accurate report of your company’s efficiency.  Come away with a plan for mapping your production stages, finding bottlenecks and creating efficiencies that will mitigate pain points and backups.

  • B120: Building Your Shop Through Automation and Digital Software

    Join the Natural Stone Institute and Stone World Magazine as we discuss building your shop through automation. Learn how to investigate products that are new to your process, including tooling equipment and digital software. Learn how to develop focused questions that will help you ensure the product or machine you review will perform as anticipated and provide the expected results.

  • B122: Building Efficiency in Your Fabrication Facility

    This session covers ways to build efficiency in your fabrication facility by finding and fixing bottlenecks in your operations. Learn how to determine when and where to augment your facility with automation. At the end of this course, you will have a plan to increase productivity through more efficient operations.

  • B220: Terminator Level I CNC Tool Operator Certification Pre-requisite

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    This pre-requisite course is geared towards any fabricators interested in attending Terminator CNC Training Center’s Level I Tool Operator Certification.  Taking this course prior to attending the certification will allow the attendee to arrive with a better understanding of the most foundational concepts and basic classroom terminology.

  • B225: Webinar- Basics of Water Recycling

    This session will discuss the science and legality behind water recycling for fabrication facilities.  Learn about current regulatory issues affecting the stone industry and how best to meet those requirements.  This session will also discuss current methods of water recycling and how this can both help the environment and your bottom line.