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The courses below provide a quick and convenient way to earn valuable Continuing education units or professional development hours for architects, landscape architects, and designers. Courses contain a combination of videos, reading material, and quizzes. Looking for additional live or virtual CEU opportunities? Find a list of courses and  CEU providers certified by the Natural Stone Institute on our CEU page


Courses in Architect and Design Professional Education
  • AD101: Natural Stone 101: Everything You Need to Know About Designing with the Oldest Building Material

    This introductory course covers common quarrying and fabrication techniques and finishing methods for working with natural stone. Use this knowledge to enhance your ability to select the right stone, fabrication technique, and finish for your project.

  • AD103: Natural Stone Principles

    This one-hour course is your introduction to using natural stone as a building material. By reviewing the fundamentals of its formation and mineral composition, you will gain confidence in specifying this versatile material.  Let us open your eyes to the endless possibilities for these beautiful, durable and valued natural stones.

  • AD135: Why Choose Natural Stone?

    With so many building materials on the market, why continue to choose genuine natural stone for your projects? This course covers the inherent durability of natural stone, its performance ability in commercial and residential applications, and technological advancements that are keeping natural stone at the forefront of design trends.

  • AD130: Why Specify Certified Stone | How the Natural Dimension Stone Sustainability Standard can Assist Green Building Projects

    Learn how the products certified to the Natural Stone Sustainability Standard can help your project achieve its sustainability goals. This course covers the importance of life cycle analysis, chain of custody standards, and other green building components.


  • AD155: Natural Thin Stone Veneer: The Basics

    This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of a relatively new application (thin veneer) of a classic product (natural stone). Learn how this product is produced, common application techniques and opportunities, and best uses for different types of this unique material.

  • AD210: Marble Use in the Kitchen

    Marble use in the kitchen is on the rise. This course covers various aspects of working with marble in the kitchen, including requirements for care and maintenance, design trends, and setting proper customer expectations for marble countertops.

  • AD335: The Art of Specifying Natural Stone

    There are many factors to consider when specifying materials for a project. Use this course to get the resources you need to help ensure the stone you choose meets the standards and design intent set for your application.

  • AD350: Award Winning Projects Featuring Natural Stone

    In this course, three projects showcase the ingenuity, sustainability, and versatility of genuine natural stone. Explore innovative ways natural stone is being used in contemporary design and understand the material selection played an important part in each of these award-winning projects.