Overview of Stone-Related Accidents

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Safe Slab Handling Course Bundle

Silica & Slab Safety Certificate


The Safe Slab Handling Series was created by the Natural Stone Institute Safety Committee in order to create safe working environments for employees and customers.  This 8 part series will provide employers with the ability to review safety policies, provide education and prepare employees for work situations. 

Learning Objectives: After reviewing these safety slab handling videos, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the importance of a slab’s physical properties: size, weight, & center of gravity

2. Identify safety precautions that should be taken when moving a slab including the number of people that should be involved, number of slabs that can   be moved at one time, and the importance of the fall shadow.

3. Recognize a number of hazards that can occur and how to avoid them – including: slip/fall, crushing, wind and others.

4. Understand what equipment you will use / what you will wear / inspection

5. Understand that there is no place for complacency in the stone business.

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