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Our company has new employees that need to take courses in the Natural Stone University. How do they receive logins?

To begin, visit our member login page and click new user, then fill out the required information. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for new employees to receive full access.  

I receive an error message when I log in.

Try clearing your history/cache/cookies and then try again. Opening a new browser may also help.

Who can see employee transcripts?

The education manager for the company can see employee’s transcripts. If your company has multiple branches, education managers will only be able to see the employees at their branch.

Is my Login a SSO for the university and the Members Only area?

Your login information for the University, Resource Library, and Members Only area will be the same. However, you may be prompted to re-enter your information when visiting each platform.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

On the login page, click forgot password. You will need to enter your email to receive a temporary password.

Can I build and save my own course bundles?

Users do not have the ability to build course bundles currently. We offer 25 different course bundles that cover the following topics:


Are all the safety courses and information in the university or also other areas of the website?

Safety courses can only be found in the online university. However, we do have safety resources located in our Resource Library and our Online Store.

How will I know if a course is eligible for CE credit? How is the credit filed?

Course pages will indicate if a course is eligible for CE credit and list which credits are available. If you take a course for CE credit, you can request credit in the test section. Credits will be reported by our staff within 30 days of completion of the course. You also will receive a certificate of completion about you complete and pass a course.

Is there a cost to take these courses if I’m a NSI member? What if I am not a member?

Courses are available free of charge to members. Non-members will be charged $50 per course, or $250 per course bundle.  

How long are courses?

Most individual courses can be completed in one hour.

What happens after I take course?

You will be emailed a certificate of completion. If the course is CE credit eligible and you request the credits, you will receive credit for the course within 30 days.