Joinery in Natural Stone Applications

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Joints, or as called in some sectors of the industry, “seams,” are a necessary element in natural stone installation.  Limitations in stock availability and fabrication machinery create practical limits on piece sizes, while the need to accommodate dynamic building movements and thermal expansions requires interruptions in the finish layers.  Placement of these joints, sizing of the joints, and treatment of the joints must be properly designed and executed to prevent failures ranging from minor to catastrophic.  This webinar will guide the designer, fabricator, and installer in better management of stone panel discontinuities to achieve the desired performance over the service life of the project.
Learning Objectives:
- Understand the nomenclature and identify various joint types:  Expansion, Control, Isolation, and Movement, and be able to discern the proper implementation of each.
- Learn of guidance tools available to assist in determining proper joint widths and frequency to ensure the project meets safety standards and retains its integrity.
- Recognize the variability between natural stone species and how product specific limitations can impact stone selection.
- Discover the basis for rigid versus flexible joint filler selections and how each can impact project performance and durability.

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  • AIA:         NISELA81-OD, 1 LU|HSW