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Courses in Chemicals and Abrasives Bundle
  • T113: The Chemistry of Adhesives

    This presentation will compare the many adhesive chemistries used in the stone fabrication and restoration industry, including epoxy, polyester, and acrylic. Newer chemistries including polypoxy, urethanes, and urethane hybrid systems will also be covered.  The presentation will focus on the comparative properties of these chemistries, and will highlight the pros and cons of each.  We will also discuss some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” when using these adhesives.

  • T115: The Science of Sealing: What to Know, What to Use, and Why

    Join us for a webinar on the science behind stone and tile types and the compatibility of different sealers and their overall performance. Different stones have different densities, porosities, mineralogy, and various finishes that exaggerate these differences. Learn which sealer types to use based on how they are marketed and made for optimum sealing performance; water-based vs. solvent-based; what sealers do and don’t do, and when they should be used. A discussion of how to avoid common grout haze staining issues and how to save time and money in the process by pre-sealing or using a grout release for certain tiles and stones will be key points of discussion and demonstration.

  • T120: Right Tools for the Job (Blades and Glues)

    What is the best blade for cutting marble, quartzite, or other stones? Are pre-mixed color cartridge adhesives better than mixing by eye? What other tools should be considered? This session will cover the selection process for shop and installation tools and chemicals. Come away with a plan to select the right tool for the job every time.