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Sales and Marketing In the Stone Industry

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The Natural Stone Institute is committed to providing quality sales education for professionals in the stone industry.  This course bundle corrdinates with our Sales in the Stone Industry Syllabus.  To find a copy of the Sales  in the Stone Industry Training Syllabus, Please Click Here!

Courses in Sales and Marketing In the Stone Industry
  • T101: Geology of Natural Stone I- Introduction to Natural Stone

    The geological makeup of stone is a major determining factor when specifying materials.  This course will provide a geological overview of stone.  Participants will learn about the history of stone, geological attributes to consider when specifying material, and how to verify stone classifications. 

  • B140: Stone Sales I: Basic Sales and Marketing Measurements

    This session is an introduction to sales techniques and measurements in the stone industry. Join us as we discuss demographic analysis, creating measurements, and using the data to increase sales.  Come away from the session with a plan to create a measurable sales process.

  • B345: Remnants: A Pile of Opportunity

    Is your stone yard filled with remnants from past jobs?  Join us as we discuss remnant management.  During this session, we will review how to reduce, recycle and reuse remnants.  Come away with tips on to repurpose salvageable pieces while reducing waste cost for unusable pieces. 

  • PR301: Natural Stone Institute Program- CEU Program Orientation

    This is a ‘how to’ video featuring the Natural Stone Institute’s CEU Program. Members can enroll in the program so they can access turn-key presentations, present them to the architects and designers of their choice, and offer ceu credits. Once you finish watching, complete the exam in the final module and forward your certificate of completion to 

  • AD335: The Art of Specifying Natural Stone

    There are many factors to consider when specifying materials for a project. Use this course to get the resources you need to help ensure the stone you choose meets the standards and design intent set for your application.