Natural Stone Building Materials: An Introduction for Students

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Natural Stone Internship Resource Bundle

This course is part of Natural Stone Institute’s Building Stone Materials Kit, which has been specifically designed to be incorporated into the Building Materials course curriculum within Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture programs. The goal of these kits is to raise student awareness for the benefits and uses of natural stone that will influence their recognition of natural stone as a superior building material.

The full syllabus includes educational content provided through a combination of video components, stone samples, printable resources, a PowerPoint presentation, and an opportunity to coordinate a live presentation and/or operations tour with a local stone expert. The kit covers topics such as the geology and characteristics of various stone types, what sizes and finishes are commonly available, and how to properly specify them for a design project.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the geology of stone, how it is processed, and its standard sizes.
  2. Learn about the responsibilities and liabilities of each party involved in a stone project.
  3. Define common stone applications within commercial, residential, interior, and exterior spaces. Find out what standards and drawings are relevant, how it is specified and bid, and how to source the stone.
  4. Realize how stone differs from artificial building materials in regard to sustainability.

Materials Include:

  • Syllabus
  • Natural Stone Resource Handout
  • Stone Types Handout