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Women in Stone, powered by the Natural Stone Institute, is proud to announce a 15-week Internship Resource Bundle for students pursuing careers connected to the natural stone industry. This set of tools will make it easy for stone companies to open their doors to students to help nurture an appreciation and preference for natural stone in their future projects. Students and professors will appreciate the turn-key templates that will document their assignments and learning outcomes throughout this experiential education program.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review different types of natural stone in order to understand their unique characteristics and identify applications where each are best suited.
  2. Get a first-hand view of how stone is quarried, fabricated, and installed in order to understand its capabilities for design.
  3. Gain a better understanding of the versatility of natural stone as a building material.
  4. Be inspired by award-winning projects that showcase design trends in a variety of commercial and residential interior and exterior projects.

Identifying a Host Company: If you are a student or professor looking to coordinate an internship with a company in the natural stone industry, please refer our list of Current Internship Opportunities. If you need additional assistance, please email or call (440) 250-9222.


Online Learning:

Each course contains a combination of learning materials including videos, reading materials, and technical documents. Competency will be evaluated by completing corresponding test questions. Upon completion of the program, you can export a transcript for inclusion in your internship portfolio.  


Courses in Natural Stone Internship Resource Bundle
  • AD102: Natural Stone Building Materials: An Introduction for Students

    This course is part of Natural Stone Institute’s Building Stone Materials Kit, which has been specifically designed to be incorporated into the Building Materials course curriculum within Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture programs. The goal of these kits is to raise student awareness for the benefits and uses of natural stone that will influence their recognition of natural stone as a superior building material.

  • TT101: Tool Box Talk- Accident Prevention Basics

    Accidents are caused by many factors. Many of these factors are within our direct control as we perform our jobs each day. This tool box talk will facilitate a discussion on accident prevention.

    Target Audience: Fabricators, Installers, Stone Distributors, Quarriers

  • T101: Geology of Natural Stone I- Introduction to Natural Stone

    The geological makeup of stone is a major determining factor when specifying materials.  This course will provide a geological overview of stone.  Participants will learn about the history of stone, geological attributes to consider when specifying material, and how to verify stone classifications. 

  • AD135: Why Choose Natural Stone?

    With so many building materials on the market, why continue to choose genuine natural stone for your projects? This course covers the inherent durability of natural stone, its performance ability in commercial and residential applications, and technological advancements that are keeping natural stone at the forefront of design trends.

  • AD335: The Art of Specifying Natural Stone

    There are many factors to consider when specifying materials for a project. Use this course to get the resources you need to help ensure the stone you choose meets the standards and design intent set for your application.

  • NSI64-OD: Why Specify Certified Stone | How the Natural Dimension Stone Sustainability Standard can Assist Green Building Projects

    Learn how the products certified to the Natural Stone Sustainability Standard can help your project achieve its sustainability goals. This course covers the importance of life cycle analysis, chain of custody standards, and other green building components.


  • AD155: Natural Stone Thin Veneer: The Basics

    This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of a relatively new application (thin veneer) of a classic product (natural stone). Learn how this product is produced, common application techniques and opportunities, and best uses for different types of this unique material.

  • T140: ASTM Standards and Stone Testing

    Join Natural Stone Institute Technical Director Chuck Muehlbauer for an overview of ASTM standards and stone testing requirements for projects in the United States. Learn the requirements of performance placed on stone at the time of installation and in the future, and how these standards serve as benchmarks for quality limits of products.

  • AD350: 2020 Award Winning Projects Featuring Natural Stone

    In this course, three projects showcase the ingenuity, sustainability, and versatility of genuine natural stone. Explore innovative ways natural stone is being used in contemporary design and understand the material selection played an important part in each of these award-winning projects.


  • PR201: Natural Stone Institute Program- Natural Stone Resource Library Overview

    Over 250 of the Natural Stone Institute’s technical documents are available online and free of charge in the Natural Stone Resource Library. Join us as we discuss how to use this resource when creating natural stone specifications. Learn how stone industry professionals use this program to inform both commercial and residential customers of installation standards for natural stone.