ASTM Standards and Stone Testing

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Courses in ASTM Standards and Stone Testing
  • T140: ASTM Standards and Stone Testing

    Join Natural Stone Institute Technical Director Chuck Muehlbauer for an overview of ASTM standards and stone testing requirements for projects in the United States. Learn the requirements of performance placed on stone at the time of installation and in the future, and how these standards serve as benchmarks for quality limits of products.

  • T141: Stone Testing: Attachments

    Attachment of stone units is accomplished by either mechanical anchorage or adhesive bonding, or in some situations a hybrid system using both methodologies. Test methods exist to proof both mechanical and adhesive systems. Given the vast variety of products and designs available to accomplish attachment, the test methods tend to be less standardized than physical property testing methods to allow for customization of the method per the specific parameters of the project components. This session will uncover the mysteries of the ASTM C1354 (Individual Stone Anchorages), ASTM C1201 (Full Panel Stone), and the newly published ASTM C1823 (Shear Bond of Adhered Stone) test methods. Attention will be focused on how the methods are customized to address specific and unique situations.

  • T142: Stone Testing: Accelerated Weathering

    One of the increasingly common requests in stone properties is that of its resistance to freeze/thaw cycling. Historically, stone product performance evaluations were done via research of existing exemplar projects using the same stone in similar climatic exposures. However, this is not feasible when evaluating products that are relatively new to the marketplace. Development of a standardized method for accelerated weathering testing of stone has been a research topic within ASTM and other committees for decades. This session will provide the background of the research completed, a summary of the current research being conducted, and an overview of what type of testing is currently being implemented in the absence of a published, consensus-based protocol.

  • T143: ANSI Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test for Natural Stone Surfaces

    Public walking surfaces carry a unique level of liability. With the 2014 withdrawal of test method ASTM C1028, stone suppliers and specifiers do not have a test method available to document the safety of their surfaces. The Natural Stone Institute technical department has recently completed a comprehensive study using the ANSI A137 DCOF test method, which was written for ceramic products. The results are encouraging, suggesting that this test method may be equally applicable to stone products.  Attend this session to learn how the issue of slip/fall liabilities could be addressed by adoption of this test method.