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Courses in Installation Safety Course Bundle
  • SI100: Overview of Installation Safety

    Course Description

    Safety at the installation site is important at all times.  If you don’t pay attention to what protective gear you are wearing and how you go about doing your job in the safest possible manner, you could very well become a statistic.  This module will discuss the variables that make installation job sites different from fabrication facilities safety and identify the most common injuries during the installation process.

  • SI101: Safety- Material Loading and Unloading

    Course Description

    Preplanning the placement of materials at a jobsite is one of the best ways to secure a safe environment.  This module will discuss the best practices for material loading and unloading.

  • SI201: Large-Scale Commercial Installations

    Course Description

    Large-scale commercial installation projects create a unique set of safety concerns.  This module will review large-scale commercial installations projects and their inherent hazards.

  • SI202: Identifying Safety Concerns Early in the Process

    Course Description

    Planning for your installation is important to keeping your team safe.  During this module, we will discuss the safety roles of the pre-installation staff and recognize the variables that should be added to your checklist or job hazard analysis. 

  • SI203: Installation Case Studies

    Course Description

    Each installation presents unique challenges for the installer.  This module will help you understand the importance of installation safety by showcasing several installation case studies.

  • SI210: Manpower and Equipment

    Course Description

    One of the stone industries leading producers of stone-moving devices reports that many stone installers have the misinformed opinion that if they use helpful tools to make their job easier, it somehow undermines or negates their strength, making them weak or less able bodied.  This module will focus on the relationship between manpower and equipment and provide viable equipment options for your next installation.

  • SI220: Tile Setting Best Practices

    Course Description

    Tile setting has a unique set of safety concerns when it comes to working on a jobsite.  This module will help you understand a variety of safety concerns that affect tile setters in both residential and commercial environments.